There is nothing more challenging to an artist, or more intimidating, than a Blank Canvas, piece of paper, journal page, a blank ANYTHING!!
Where do I start? What do I do? INSPIRATION PLEASE!!!

This workshop consists of a series of short videos (approx. 40) to take you through making sheets of paper tape and luscious piles of paper and creating a piece of art......but it is HOW we get there that is what this workshop is really all about.

The workshop is up indefinitely so take your time! 
Work at your pace.

Partial list of Supplies:
Acrylic paints (Your choice brand, color)
Any stencils and stamps you like to use
Markers and Pens
Scotch 3M - Glue Stick
Mod Podge: Matte, yellow label. Small bottle okay
Paper scissors
exacto knife
Freezer paper
Parchment Paper
Tissue papers
Deli paper or Heavy Duty wax paper
2 " Wide Masking Tape

Substrate for Collage
WHEN you sign up for this class I will have 4 Videos that will take you through needed supplies, miscellaneous supplies, collage papers and substrate in detail. 
This list is just to give you and idea.

Here is a little Video to give you an idea of what we will be doing in this workshop.

Price for the Workshop is 

SO...if you are ready to come on board just 
click on the paypal button below and I will send you all the information to get you going! 
(PLEASE NOTE: I receive the payment notification in my email box and will send you the information as soon as I see it. I check my email multiple times per day. I don't like to send automatic replies because I like to have a personal touch with you. Thanks!)
Can't wait to "see" you :)

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