This workshop was previously purchased separately but I have decided to offer both parts for one lower price.

In part one you will learn to make fabric paper and different ways you can make it and hopefully be encouraged to experiment and come up with different ideas.

In part two you will take your fabric papers you made as a result of part one or any fabric paper you may have and learn some ways to use it.
Aside from sharing my fabric paper journal with you,
I will demo: 
Gelli Plate printing on fabric paper
build a collage from image on fabric paper
build a collage from scratch using all fabric paper
Here is a little Promo Video for you to watch to see if this is for you.

THIS WORKSHOP is open indefinitely so no hurry. You will be able to take your time and go back and re-watch the videos as much as you want. There will be a PDF on part one you can download to keep.

SUPPLIES are simple:
Cotton muslin fabric. white and print. 1 yard each will do.
Acrylic paints....
Stencils and stamps you may have....
Mod Podge (yellow label)....
brushes for applying mod podge....
freezer paper....
Fabric scissors....
tissue paper....
These are what you NEED to have. Other supplies you can use are mentioned in the 1st video. A Gelli Plate is used in part two but you do not HAVE to have.

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