In April of 2016 I created a monthly online workshop by subscription only. A few months back I closed it to the public and have continued to teach to the group that I have.
In this workshop I teach something new every month through videos and sometimes have a Challenge for you.

APRIL 2017 celebrates one year of workshops!
I had no idea were this would go when I started but we are still going strong!!
Since subscription to that club is closed I thought I would offer the years worth of INSIDE SUZI'S STUDIO to the rest of you!'s the deal.
You can either purchase one workshop at a time and pick and choose what you want, when you want it. Get one now, get another next month or 2 months from now or whatever works for you.
buy them all at once.
You will have indefinite access to the videos so take at your leisure and return when you need to refresh.
to see a little video to (hopefully) wet your appetite!
(making a series of simple journals to "art" in that can be added 
together as they are filled)
(paper tape to use in collage. You will never go back)
(What to do with all those pastels you thought you had to have and 
have now become lost in the back of a drawer in your studio)
(What can I say! Fun! This is done with paper tape but you can use 
any paper. Paper tape is just much easier)
(Time to go outside and look around for inspiration, then back to the
studio to create what you saw)
(A little journal fun using stencils and images from magazines
or books)
(Exploring all kinds of different water media and how
to use it)
November 2016 - Water Media Part 2
(Using all kinds of watermedia to create an image on tissue paper)
December 2016 - Doodling with Stencils
(A new and fun way to use your stencils to doodle)
January 2017 - Making something out of nothing
(A creative way to find and create an image from nothing.
Good for those times you have no idea what to do)
February 2017 - Transfer
(creating an image on freezer paper to transfer to another paper
for your journal or a stand alone piece of art)
(putting small pieces of art together to make one piece of art)

$15 if purchased individually
(click on the title above to pay)
$120 for the set of 12
(click on the BUY NOW button for the set)

Looking forward to having you "Inside my studio"!